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jackson "kace" timmons - mixed media artist based in pittsburgh, pennsylvania

jackson "kace" timmons (formerly dorty) is a mixed media artist based in pittsburgh, pa. he primarily works in oil paint, but occasionally branches out to other mediums, such as acrylic and photography. he has shown work locally across various locations in the pittsburgh area.


recently, he finished his undergraduate education at the university of pittsburgh, receiving a degree in social work with a minor in studio arts. kace plans to continue his education this fall to achieve a master's degree in social work.

kace is passionate about how art can help to develop and shape a community. his work at the moment focuses on aspects of his own life, but he hopes in the future to use his social work background to make art that is more community focused. he believes that art can help to unite and inspire a community to strive forward for the betterment of its people.



Changes with Exposure, Frick Fine Arts Building, Pittsburgh, PA

BodiesWick Monet Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA

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